The outbreak of Coronavirus is having an ever-increasing impact on people’s lives.

As we approach busy wedding season, our brides who have their special day in the coming months will undoubtedly be feeling uncertain as to whether this will go ahead or not.

Already so many brides have had to change wedding dates and we feel heartbroken for all our lovely ladies.

Please be assured our team will do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that you have the most amazing day when it comes.  Whether it be putting you in touch with suppliers that we work with, helping you with last minute emergencies we are here for you.

I know that our team long for the day that we can throw open our doors, welcome you and fluff a wedding gown train again!

We have compiled an information blog which we hope will answer any imminent queries you have.  However please feel free to get in touch about anything we haven’t covered.

Postponing Your Wedding

If you are being faced with the challenge of postponing your wedding due to Coronavirus here is our advice.


It is ok to get upset, all those months or years of planning your dream day, choosing flowers that were available on your wedding month or colours to match the season might completely change after all.  It is an emotional time but just remember something won’t change – you will still marry your best friend and the person who will see you through this challenging time.

Wedding Insurance

If you had taken out wedding insurance now is the time to contact your provider and read the small print.  Most insurers should have a specific note on their web pages featuring what is and isn’t covered.  Check out this one from Wedding Planning Insurance as a guideline

Contact Your Guests

As soon as you’ve made a decision to postpone, you should inform your guests.

Contact all Suppliers

If you don’t have a wedding planner in place, sending a group email to all your vendors asking them to send you current date availability will save you a mammoth task.  Several suppliers such as celebrants, hair and make-up artists etc. can provide services for several weddings in a day therefore keep timings in mind also.

Create a spreadsheet with dates available from each supplier and lock down your new date as quickly as possible.

Be Flexible

We are currently living in uncertain times.  When dealing with suppliers and businesses remember their livelihood has been impacted by this pandemic as much as your day has.  Try to be as flexible as possible to ensure that you can find a new date to utilise your existing suppliers and avoid cancellation fees.


If your wedding is in a few months’ time most vendors won’t know currently if the UK Government will permit your wedding to go ahead and this is stressful for many couples.

If you decide to push ahead then we are sure you will have so many questions.  In most cases the wedding venue allowing or not permitting the wedding will determine if you proceed, therefore speak to them now to find out if they can offer you a provisional new date should your wedding be cancelled.

Contact your other vendors to find out what is the latest time frame they will allow you to change your current date without facing any penalties.

Marrying Abroad – So many airlines have now grounded their fleet therefore check with your travel insurance to find out what they will cover.

Speak to your wedding planner or co-ordinator to find out what your options are.

We are still available to answer any queries however big or small therefore please do get in touch via email, our social media channels or mobile number 07395 965 651. 

At the moment my summer wedding is still going ahead – will my dress alterations be completed in time?

Before we took the decision to close ahead of the government announcement our seamstresses worked tirelessly to finish any dresses ahead of schedule for brides with weddings that were still scheduled for March and April.  This will enable us, when we return to work to offer quicker turnaround times for dresses. Please note you may have to be flexible on times and dates for fittings to enable faster completion times.

I have my first and second fittings booked with the seamstress, will I still keep these?

We will return to work when the UK government allow us to do so therefore please do keep scheduled fittings and should these need to be changed we will be in touch. 

My dress is due to arrive soon, can I still expect it to be delivered on time?

At the moment all our designers are on track with deliveries however, should this change we will be in touch. In the meantime if you have changed your wedding date please do let us know.

Wedding Dress Shopping

I have an appointment booked, can I still attend?

Our team cannot wait to welcome you to the boutique however we will only open when the Government deem it is safe to do so.  Before the closure you would have received an email to cancel any appointments up to and including April 14th, we will of course review upcoming appointments in line with Government advice.

Can I book an appointment?

Absolutely we are more than happy to book provisional appointments at this time therefore please do so.

Stay well and safe everyone, sending you much love to you and your families.
Naydene and all at Sophia Grace Couture xxx